BWA Multi-Vision 2.0
The most advanced monitoring and analysing software

The second generation of the free Video Management Software (VMS) with improved GUI and non-linear synchronous processing of the several MPEG4, H.264 and GPS data streams in one common view.

Software Modules:

MV2 Launcher - automatic DVR detection, management, online monitoring and data analysis
MV2 NetViewer - online monitoring of multiple IP streams or GPS data in several views
MV2 FilePlayer - non-linear time-synchronized playback of recorded data from multiple DVRs
MV2 MsnToAvi - conversion from *.MSN3 into *.AVI, with integration of the time/date stamp, if required
MV2 MsnGps - extracting GPS data from *.MSN3 files
MV2 Optionen - configuration module for NetViewer and FilePlayer software

Watch video tour for MV1:
Youtube version:
MV introduction (06:41, 480p)
DivX 720×576 version:
bwa_mv5en.divx (06:40 / 45.7 MB)

The second generation of the free Multi-Vision 2.0 software package offers many useful and unique features for video analysis. In spite of using picture comparison techniques, Multi-Vision provides amazingly easy search and access to digital video streams, even from highly compressed recorded video (e.g. H.264). This software allows cascading of multiple location-independent DVRs into a single comprehensive system. Its design is modular and contains all the required video codecs. We will continually enhance this new PC based software to support future BWA products and we welcome customer feedback for new feature suggestions.

Net-Viewer ist supproted by DPro firmware 0.2131 and up.
File-Player ist supproted by DPro firmware 0.2174 and up.
BWA Multi-Vision 2.0, beta76 (23.7 MB):
Deinstall MV 1.0 at first and reboor PC
- only then install the MV 2.0 software!

Minimum System requirements

Core2-Duo E6550 CPU, 2 GB RAM,
dedicated graphic (>256 MB), audion card (DirectX),
Windows XP/Vista/7 (32 bit).

BWA Multi-Vision 2.0 - quick start