DiSCAN-PTZ.8 – a tracking robot in challenging lighting conditions
Multi-camera system for close-up recording of intruders using a fixed panoramic view

The highly sensitive tracking robot DiSCAN-PTZ.8 is an active multi-camera system for automatic PTZ intruder tracking. Features include multiply static panoramic observation zones and up to eight channels H.264 recording.

Expected to be
available from
March 2013


The effectiveness of mega-pixel cameras in 24h-operation is limited due to their lack of light sensitivity. Additionally, the amount of data that is generated this way becomes unnecessarily large due to unfocused picture areas and image details with no relevance. When using highly sensitive cameras in standard resolution an excessive number of cameras are needed for large areas to be monitored. PTZ cameras may offer a possible solution but the operating personal needed increase operating costs.

Main Features:

• Embedded cognitive video analytics in real time
• Operator free operation with manual override control
• One top view and up to six wide angle view cameras
• Up to 360 degrees of distortion-free panoramic view
• Designed for continuous 24×7 operation in low-light
• Multi-zone scan with priorities and time scheduling
• H.264 video compression with 8ch DVR functionality
• Optional HDD with internal emergency power supply
• Record scan by field mark at the panoramic picture

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The tracking robot DiSCAN-PTZ.8 is a compact speed dome system that analyzes video content from multiple highly sensitive panoramic cameras providing real time PTZ intruder tracking. Equipped with an unobtrusive housing, it has been designed for continuous 24×7 operation under minimum street lighting. The proprietary approach of triangular cognitive video analytics allows three-dimensional modeling which, among other things, consider zone priority, number of tracking targets, moving object profiles and automatic facial zooming, if required.

A single observation unit provides a detection radius of up to 80 meters, allowing for the control of an area as large as two hectares (5 acres). The resolution of the visual coverage corresponds to a CCTV camera distance of roughly three to five meters. The optical system is preconfigured for 180, 270 or 360 degree panoramic observation and is ready for immediate deployment. The robot can also be equipped with an optional top view camera in order to eliminate "blind spots". This allows the DiSCAN-PTZ.8 to cover up to eight video signals in its maximum configuration.

An optional internal HDD is supported by a short-term emergency power supply for safe system shutdown. The recording time can be reduced as needed by the user to a few days or for 24 hours only, so that the records are in accordance with the applicable privacy policies automatically deleted in time. Simultaneously optional network recording on NAS devices enable to realize flexible usage scenarios.
PTZ & 5x fixed cams


Prototype of DiSCAN-PTZ.816 in field test
(DSL remote access, live view via free Multi-Vision 2.0 software)