Hybrid HD DVR for decentralized and mobile use

The compact DiREX-HD960 HD recorder offers four 75Ω BNC inputs for uncompressed video signals - one digital HD-SDI and three high-resolution analogue WD1 (960H) sources. Features include swappable HDD or SSD, two audio inputs, one monitor output, and the capability of recording GPS data linked to Google Maps. The unit is equipped with an unobtrusive, dust-proof metal housing and includes an integrated batteryless power backup for safe system shutdown which simplifies installation for transportation applications.

Expected to
be available: Q3-2013

Main Features:

• 1× digital HD-SDI and 3× 4CIF/WD1 video inputs
• Optional FIPS 140-2 validated 256 bits encryption
• Two audio inputs, monitor output, GPS data logging
• H.264/MJPEG encoding, motion controlled recording
• FIFO recording and data mirroring on NAS devices
• 2.5" HDD/SSD with Twin Kensington Locks support
• Suitable for integration in rail and car environment
• Capacitor buffered safe system shutdown

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Planned Models (all BTO):

DiREX-HD960.1000: 1 TB - 2.5 inch SATA HDD, 24×7 operation
DiREX-HD960.S*00: 100/200/400 GB - SSD, eMLC NAND flash
DiREX-HD960.****.F140: with FIPS 140-2 L2 validated DAR AES-256 encryption

The hybrid DiREX-HD960 HD recorder is a powerful compact multi-channel DVR produces producing the highest quality video over 75Ω coaxial cable. The DVR is extremely versatile and one of the smallest HDcctv recorders currently available that can encode digital HD-SDI signals in H.264. Additionally, it also supports 960H video sources with native resolution of up to 960×576 pixels. A video output also allows for the monitoring of camera functions if required.

The DVR is housed in an unobtrusive metal housing and is designed for 24×7 recording under harsh conditions. Remote access via a LAN interface and low power consumption with a wide range internal power supply make it ideal for the decentralized, battery-powered use. A maintenance-free embedded emergency power supply offers further assurance of continuous operation. The units mechanical design offers further protection which includes a lockable HDD tray the option of two additional Kensington Lock®.

A broad range of features enable use in a wide range of applications and mixed video/HD-SDI environments. These features include a compact external 100-240V power supply, snap-in power connector, optional alarm box with multiple inputs and outputs, as well as the possibility of data mirroring on NAS devices over a Gigabit network interface. An optional 19-inch rack mount can accommodate up to four DVRs in one compact 2U unit.

Using Multi-Vision 2.0 software, the DiREX-HD960 can be a useful addition to the autonomous tracking robot DiSCAN-PTZ.8 by adding additional camera perspectives. All video channels can be simultaneously displayed in a single screen view or playback synchronously.

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DVR prototype with 4× 4CIF video inputs