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Welcome to the BWA news page, where you will find updates on our products and our continuous advancements in technology. Please check back regularly to ensure that you have current product information, including software and firmware updates.

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06-Sep-12 The new tracking robot DiSCAN-PTZ.8 was nominated as a finalist in the category
"CCTV product of the year" at GIT SECURITY AWARD 2013

The tracking robot DiSCAN-PTZ.8 is a compact speed dome multi-camera system that analyzes video content from multiple highly sensitive panoramic cameras providing real time PTZ intruder tracking. Equipped with an unobtrusive housing, it has been designed for continuous 24/7 operation under minimum street lighting.
GIT Award 2013 

A single observation unit provides a detection radius of up to 80 meters, allowing for the control of an area as large as two hectares (5 acres). The resolution of the visual coverage corresponds to a CCTV camera distance of roughly three to five meters. The optical system is preconfigured for 180, 270 or 360 degree panoramic observation and is ready for immediate deployment. The robot can also be equipped with an optional top view camera in order to eliminate "blind spots". This allows the DiSCAN-PTZ.8 to cover up to eight video signals in its maximum configuration.
07-Feb-12 DiREX-Pro - product update 1.2181

Within six years of being on the market, the DiREX-Pro product series is now one of the most successful mobile DVRs in our history. By providing free firmware updates we have not only increased the functionality but also optimized overall video performance. A final version has now been released.

The introduction of the successor to the multi-channel version is scheduled for the fall of this year. It is already one of the most efficient video codecs to be ported with a newly developed, compact embedded Linux hardware system which has high computation performance and unqualed low power consumption. We are concentrating on the integration of extremely high-resolution video converters. Additionally, our developers are focused on HD video and video analysis technologies.
23-May-11 DiREX-Pro - product update 1.2180

A new firmware version has now been released providing the complete integration with the upcoming BWA Multi-Vision-2 video management software (VMS). This realease includes greatly improved preventative HDD health monitoring features.